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In an ideal world, a community of care providers—physicians, hospitals, IPAs, laboratories, radiology and pathology groups and more—would have the ability to access and share detailed clinical data with one another about its community of patients.

In a perfect world, this community would allow providers to participate through a variety of web-based applications with different price points that provide the tools to run an efficient and quality practice—opting in at levels based on personal preference, technology sophistication, need and funding.

Our proprietary NetPracticeMedicalHub is an unparalleled plug-n-play universal health exchange and nerve center that centralizes millions of patient records. In addition to a community health record that organizes data for community use, NetPracticeMedicalHub provides:

  • An electronic Master Patient Index (eMPI) that normalizes patient records to assure that John Doe’s records are truly his records;
  • A sophisticated integration engine to support the required interfaces between the various practices and the labs, hospitals and other providers;
  • An advanced communication facility that allows providers to securely communicate
  • A security and authorization facility that allows providers to self-manage access to patient information within HIPAA guidelines;
  • A common medical vocabulary that normalizes clinical data to allow trending on clinical information across multiple encounters and multiple providers in the community


Features and Benefits

  • Turn-Key HIE: Proprietary hub provides hundreds of pre-existing national and regional vendor interfaces for retrieval of community health record data
  • Connected Care: Electronically send orders, receive results, refer patients, provide consults, transact with patients’ community health records & medical history, and share clinical information vital for quality care
  • Facilitates Wellness: Provides wellness reporting and alerting at the physician, clinic and community levels
  • Plug-n-Play: NetPracticeMedicalHub provides an electronic Master Patient Index (EMPI); community health record; integration engine; communication and messaging; and security and authorization
  • You’re in Control: Choose your opt-in level based on personal preference, technology sophistication, need and funding
  • High Adoption Rates: Our 18 communities enjoy some of the highest levels of community participation (85+%) in the nation
  • Helps prevent duplicate care by enabling community providers to see medications, encounter notes, problem lists, allergies, etc., from past encounters
  • Provides physicians with a migration path to participate at various levels without compromising their workflow
  • Enables sharing of detailed clinical data in open or closed community
  • Provides physicians with the tools to optimize the performance of their practice
  • Provides hospitals/health systems an alternative option to the costly strategy of buying physicians practices
  • Provides sophisticated authorization/permissions facility that is self-managed by the providers
  • Significantly reduces interface development and maintenance costs for data providers
  • Affordable opt-in through the family of NetPractice products

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