NetPracticeEHRweb 7.0 is a pre-market,
conditionally CCHIT Certified® 08 Ambulatory EHR

EHRweb_picComplete, Secure Web-based Patient Management  

NetPracticeEHRweb™is a complete, web-based patient management tool used by physician practices and hospitals to manage patient care both inside and outside their facilities. Going beyond the typical and expected functionality of an EHR, NetPracticeEHRweb enables provider-to-provider communications, referrals, consults, sharing of data and the ability to view patient medical data within a community—all within the normal workflow of seeing patients.

NetPracticeEHRweb allows providers and staff a secure and convenient method of sharing patient information between hospitals, laboratories, radiology groups—even referring and consulting providers. As a component of Connected Care solution for better care and communication among healthcare communities, NetPracticeEHRweb’s easy-to-use online patient records help physicians, nurses and office professionals document patient encounters, streamline workflow, save time and money and improve patient care.

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