A Suite of Products That Work For You

SMB is a billing company and our job is to process your claims quickly, efficiently and securely and ensure you get payment.  We know there is so much more to a practice then billing so we use NetPractice software to not only get our job done, but to give you a turn key solution for your day to day operations.  NetPractice offers a suite of affordable products so you can securely exchange clinical data, refer patients, provide consults and access the entirety of a patient’s community medical history (labs, radiology, Rx and more) all within the normal workflow of seeing patients, all without breaking the bank.

  • NetPracticeEHRweb™: NetPracticeEHRweb is a complete, web-based patient management tool used by physician practices and hospitals to manage patient care both inside and outside their facility.
  • NetPracticeERX™ : NetPracticeERX is an electronic solution for doctors and nurses to better manage their patients’ medications and allergies in real time, streamlining the prescription process.
  • NetPracticePM™ : NetPracticePM leads the industry with the most powerful suite of practice management tools available. With powerful workflow management, scheduling and billing, NetPracticePM is the ultimate profitability tool for health care providers.
  • NetPracticeTools™ : The Productivity Suite that accompanies NetPracticePM, NetTools comprises our newest NetPay plus NetReports, NetReminder, NetCoder, NetVerify, NetMobile, eDocs and ScanSharp.
  • NetPracticeRESULTS™ : NetPracticeRESULTS brings your outside documents into a result-management tool, connecting physicians with lab, radiology and hospital partners while allowing providers and staff to receive, act on and manage a patient-centric record of results, reports, referrals and consults.
  • NetPracticeVIEWER™ : NetPracticeVIEWER enables hospital physicians access to NetPracticeMedicalHub to view patients’ community health records. This access prevents duplicate care and increases prvoiders’ ability to give the proper and needed patient care.
  • NetPracticeMedicalHub™: NetPracticeMedicalHub centralizes millions of community health records in 18 communities with more than 13,000 users, plus thousands of participating pharmacies, labs, hospitals, health plans and radiology sites nationwide. 

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