Scan, Read and Import Insurance Cards   

Every practice is saddled with the burden of collecting patient demographics and insurance information and keeping that information up to date. The traditional method of making photo copies of insurance cards and driver’s licenses, then manually keying in the data, is slow, tedious and prone to errors. ScanSharp for NetPracticePM™ eliminates these headaches and inefficiencies.

ScanSharp is designed to work with NetPracticePM. Simply scan patient insurance cards or driver’s licenses and ScanSharp does the rest. Special recognition software reads the scanned card and differentiates between names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, insurance details, etc. It then imports the information into the correct fields within NetPracticePM™ Scanned images of the cards are also retained for quick reference



  • Scanned data from insurance cards and driver’s licenses automatically recognized, categorized and populated into appropriate fields in NetPracticePM database
  • ScanSharp scanners are extremely compact
  • The ScanSharp line of scanners never need to warm up – they are always ready to scan
  • Accommodates media up to 1.5mm in thickness
  • Very low power consumption
  • Convenient USB connection
  • No external power cord needed
  • Operates within NetPracticePM
  • High scan resolution
  • Save staff time by avoiding manual entry of demographic and insurance information
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Small scanner size saves office space
  • Eliminates photocopying
  • Improve office workflow by never needing to pull copies of insurance cards from patient charts
  • No scanner warm up saves staff time compared to traditional scanners

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