Automated Coding Analysis and Claim Scrubbing

NetCoder provides medical office personnel and billing professionals with the most accurate and current coding and compliance information available. You will save valuable time and resources, reduce claim denials, avoid unnecessary rebilling costs and ensure appropriate reimbursement.

Because NetCoder works seamlessly within NetPracticePM, it replaces the time consuming and costly process of manually searching through outdated books and CDs for coding and compliance information. NetCoder delivers National Correct Coding edits for bundling and unbundling issues and appropriate use of modifiers in real-time. It also provides up-to-date HCFA program memos and other government communications, ICD, CPT and HCPCS information, ICD-CPT linking, RVU sequencing and E&M coding guidelines. With rapidly changing rules, regulations, and governmental mandates, the powerful claim scrubbing provided by NetCoder ensures that your billing conforms to best practices and procedures for maximum reimbursement.



  • Easy access to medical E&M coding guidelines
  • Automatic checking of claims at charge entry – no need to go to another Web site and enter redundant data
  • Batch checking of paper and electronic claims prior to printing or sending, by simply selecting a days charges
  • Keyword, code or indexed searches of CPT, ICD, HCPCS, ASC and modifiers
  • Continuously updated with current CMS rules and guidelines
  • CPT to ICD Linkage and Crosswalk Libraries for procedures and lab codes based on Local Medical Review Policy (LMRP)
  • Accurately analyzes RVU sequences for maximum reimbursement
  • Complete data set including RVUs, allowed amounts, global days, indicators for additional digits/modifiers
  • Checks for bundling/unbundling of CPT procedures to identify comprehensive, component, and mutually exclusive procedures
  • Determines allowed amount by payer contract using contracted RVU data
  • RVU Breakdown, Surgery Assist, Co-Surgery and Team indicators help maximize billing fees
  • Decreases coding-related claim rejections
  • Increases reimbursements by determining appropriate coding
  • Eliminates need for costly and bulky code reference books
  • Enables claims to be filed more quickly
  • Saves billing department time and labor
  • Reduces your risk of audits

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