Automated Appointment Reminders

Dramatically reduce the inconvenience of no-shows and last-minute cancellations!

NetReminder is an inexpensive automated patient messaging system that integrates with NetPracticePM to extract appointment information details and remind patients of their appointments or notify them of a cancellation. You set up a call schedule and NetReminder takes care of the rest, allowing your staff to focus more energy on direct patient care.

It couldn’t be easier! Automatically conduct calls with a pre-recorded message that’s customized for your practice and patients and administered with an upbeat human voice (not a machine!). In fact, research shows that a reminder call is just as effective as a full conversation in reducing missed appointments—only NetReminder saves your staff valuable time and achieves the same goal.

In addition, our fully digital network access allows us to monitor call progression. This means we can quickly and accurately determine if the phone was answered by a person or an answering machine. Plus, there’s no expensive equipment or telephone lines to buy because NetReminder uses the Internet.

If you aren’t reminding patients of appointments, you are losing revenue. And if you’re calling them, it’s costing you too much!



  • Seamlessly integrated with NetPracticePM for automated calling
  • Utilizes 128-bit, HIPAA-compliant security over the Internet to ensure data privacy
  • Real-time reporting of the calls being placed
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Messages may be customized by time of day
  • Reports numbers that are no longer in service
  • Will re-call patient up to 15 times per day if no answer
  • Accurately differentiates between human voice and answering machine
  • Supports multiple providers
  • Decreases no-shows by ten percent or more
  • Increase revenues by seeing more patients each day
  • Frees up valuable office staff time for more productive tasks
  • No new software to learn or maintain
  • No computer hardware needed
  • Improves your practice’s image with patients


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