Hard to Collect Accounts 

Our Collections process is a comprehensive and expanded patient collections system. It was designed to manage hard-to-collect accounts through either progressive letter writing campaigns or payment plan tracking. Either way, it will increase collections and reduce the cost and effort expended on past due accounts. While SMB does not replace third-party collection agencies, we can greatly reduce the dollar amounts that would typically be turned over to them.

Our Collections process can be completely “hands-off” by using a collection letter writing campaign, or it can be used as a “hands-on” tool to manage the working of accounts and maintenance of payment plan compliance for patients. In either scenario, we can easily accommodate the turnover of accounts to third party collection agencies through readily available reports, automatic transfer of balances to the collection database, and automatic write-off of turned over balances.

However you decide what process to use, you will experience a dramatic drop in past due balances.



  • Automated letter writing based on your collection policies
  • User-defined collection levels with letters that are progressively more assertive
  • Ability to send letters as often as weekly
  • Automated “work accounts” function that allow us to walk through those accounts that require attention today
  • Payment plan tracking and reminders
  • Automated third-party collection agency turnover with automatic balance write-off
  • Reduce past due balances and bad debt write-offs
  • Increased collections = improved cash flow
  • Reduce expenses to collect past due accounts
  • Provide patients with sufficient opportunity to pay past due accounts
  • Reduce amounts turned over to third-party collection agencies

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