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NetSchedule, the powerful scheduler for NetPracticePM™, is designed for the single or multi-provider office that needs comprehensive and expanded functionality in scheduling patients and resources. The intuitive interface also easily accommodates multi-location, multi-specialty health care providers. As an integral part of NetPractice, it provides valuable tools for managing patient flow.

From the schedule you can: review general schedule notes, on-call waiting lists, add new appointments, change or delete appointments, print reminders and superbills on demand, re-schedule, re-book, confirm appointments, access patient recall information, review appointment details, access patient authorization information, or search for next available appointments.

NetSchedule is designed for ease-of-use and to save your office time. When adding a new appointment, the system will check for any future recalls and allow the user to edit them. It also checks for any future appointments and alerts the scheduler, to avoid duplicate appointments for the same patient.



  • Day, Week, and Month-at-a-glance views
  • View all doctors scheduled for a location
  • View all locations’ daily schedule
  • Easily switch between multiple locations
  • Organize schedules by specialty or groups of providers
  • Complete audit trail tracks check-in/check-out, co-pays and employee activity
  • Easily recognize types of visits by color codes
  • Permits overbooking with proper security clearance
  • Scan for the next available appointment based on type of visit, range of times, ranges of days and day of week
  • Setup and maintain schedules either individually by doctor or through the use of templates
  • Room and resource scheduling based on type of visit
  • Appointments affected by schedule changes are automatically moved to the waiting list
  • System prompts front desk to reschedule wait listed patients
  • Automatic Recall Tracking with warning of upcoming recalls when scheduling appointments
  • Authorization tracking with expiration warnings
  • Automatic superbill/encounter form generation
  • Powerful scheduling features dramatically reduce workload for office staff
  • Automatically alerts front desk if eligibility not met – saving time and increasing reimbursements
  • Audit trail feature saves billers time by tracking and applying co-pays
  • Scheduling seamlessly integrated with NetReminder for automated appointment reminders
  • Easy to use

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