Connected Care Solution


Go Beyond Typical Functionality.

Solutions For Medical Billing, Inc through Noteworthy Medical Systems offers an affordable solution that allows providers to securely exchange clinical data, refer patients, provide consults, and access the entirety of a patient’s community medical history (labs, radiology, Rx and more)—all within the normal workflow of seeing patients.

Connected Care Solution is unique because it securely facilitates communication and sharing of detailed clinical data among all providers, offering sophisticated integration to and from hospitals, hospital networks, referring lab and radiology groups, pharmacies, health plans, and other healthcare data providers. Ours is a turn-key health information exchange (HIE), but much more because it facilitates patient care in a community.

The core of our solution is the NetPracticeMedicalHub™, which allows healthcare data providers including hospitals, labs, radiology, pharmacies and more to share, send and receive critical clinical data with providers and patients. The MedicalHub provides an electronic Master Patient Index (EMPI), common clinical vocabulary, community health record, integration engine, security and authorization suite, and provider-to-provider and provider-to-data provider communications.

To date, our NetPracticeMedicalHub manages community health records for millions of patients in 18 communities,  plus thousands of participating pharmacies, labs, hospitals, health plans and radiology sites nationwide. Because our connected care solution enables wellness reporting and alerting at the physician, clinic and community levels, we are a long-term resource of health information to help providers and healthcare systems enjoy better communication and more informed decision support with their referring and consulting peers and patient population.

Our philosophy is that participation is a function of provider preference. Providers can opt in for just e-prescribing, which come with the full provider-to-provider and provider-to-data provider communications, security suite, and the Community Health Record (CHR). The Connect Care Solution is further supported by web-based practice management (PM), electronic health records (EHR) and patient web-portal solutions.   The Connected Care Solution functions in both open and closed communities, and therefore supports third-party EHR and PM systems.

Participants in our Connected Care Solution own their data while we store, secure and maintain backups and disaster recovery safety measures. Participants self-manage the sharing and access controls while we maintain stringent security and constantly improve functionality to offer innovative solutions to help solve comprehensive healthcare IT issues.

Solutions For Medical Billing, Inc shares the vision with Noteworthy Medical Systems to continue to accelerate the growth of connected healthcare by connecting entire communities of data providers, providers, patients, and the specific for-profit and non-profit organizations that support these consumers using the sophisticated capabilities of the NetPracticeMedicalHub and the Connected Care Solution.

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