Complete, Secure and Immediate Patient Record Access 

NetPracticeVIEWER™enables hospital physicians to view patients’ community health records via Noteworthy’s NetPracticeMedicalHub™. This access prevents duplicate care and increases providers ability to give the proper and needed patient care by speeding access to patient histories such as drug, allergy, surgical and diagnostic information in under 30 seconds.

Emergency Rooms report they spend between 10 and 40 minutes per patient visit researching patient records with pharmacies and physicians offices, and often come up empty-handed because the information they need is not available after-hours. As a component of Connected Care Solution for better care and communication among healthcare communities, NetPracticeVIEWER provides extensive patient information from multiple data providers, all visible in one screen. NetPracticeVIEWER allows access to the crucial details of patient records within the community so the proper treatment can begin immediately..



  • Immediate access to patient community health records
  • Provider-to-Provider Communication
  • Providers receive alerts whenever someone accesses one of their patient’s charts
  • Permissions-based: Security/Authorizations facility is self-managed by providers
  • Beyond HIPAA compliant
  • Lab Trending across multiple lab vendors
  • Lab Summary of multiple test profiles
  • Chronic, Acute and Historic drug lists
  • Adverse and Allergy list
  • Social, Family, Surgical and Diagnostic histories
  • Access to all interfaces via NetPractice MedicalHub™
  • Immediate access to network outpatient records—conduct a full community and national pharmacy database search in seconds
  • Reduce redundant testing
  • Reduce patient wait time
  • Provide needed care more quickly
  • Deliver safer care via more complete background
  • Enables real-time medication reconciliation, minimizing errors, duplicates and delayed care
  • Independent Physicians
  • Time and Cost Savings: Eliminates the disruptions at home and at the clinic that physicians typically experience when hospital staff call for patient information prior to treatment
  • Revenue Opportunities: Statistics indicate most hospital patients don’t receive the prescribed post-treatment care, primarily due to lack of follow-up; this problem is eliminated with NetPracticeVIEWER automatic alerts, so you can provide outstanding patient care as well as receive a boost in revenue
  • Hospitalists/ERs
  • Patient Safety: Hospital care providers know immediately of a patient’s allergies, medications or problem/conditions before treatment
  • Risk Management: Reduces the chance of delays or communication errors that could cause harm or complications to patients awaiting treatment
  • Timely Care: Access critical information without the delays required to make phone calls and wait for answers

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