Streamlined Prescription Process   

Congress passed a Medicare bill that includes a 2% incentive for physicians who use e-prescribing starting in 2009. It also includes a 2% pay cut for Medicare-participating physicians who do not adopt e-prescribing by 2012. So what are you waiting for? With NetPraticeERX™ you are in a perfect position to take advantage of the Medicare ePrescribing incentives this year, but you need to act now.

NetPracticeERX is a proven electronic solution for doctors and nurses to better manage patients’ medications and allergies in real time. This comprehensive, easy-to-use service helps physician practices reduce rejected prescriptions, eliminate chart pulls and trim completion time to seconds rather than hours. It also helps enhance patient care by eliminating errors and identifying drug interactions before a prescription is submitted.

And as a component of the Connected Care Solution for better care and communication among healthcare communities, NetPracticeERX customers are automatically connected to the SureScripts-RxHub network, as well as the rest of our interfaces, from day one.  



  • Prescribe a new medication and send it to any pharmacy in the U.S.–anytime, anywhere
  • Manage refill requests and start, modify and stop medications–anytime, anywhere
  • Automatic renewals
  • Drug interaction checking by risk level
  • View and adopt medication history from participating providers
  • Access, adopt and share patient medication history from community pharmacies and PBMs
  • Prior authorization (view payor rules: patient eligibility and formulary)
  • Automatically keep patient medication list, drug history, refill history and drug-allergy tables up-to-date
  • Check our extensive brand name and generic formulary and create a customized “quick pick” formulary
  • Single-click update button to document review of patient allergies and medications
  • Medicare security: Schedule 3-5 medication complaint printing capabilities
  • Upgrade to NetPracticeEHRweb™ at any time
  • Automatically connect to the SureScripts-RxHub network—and the rest of our interfaces—from day one via NetPracticeMedicalHub™
  • Reduce prescription workflow time to barely a minute per transaction
  • Save $150 per day, per provider in chart pulls
  • Share medication history across providers (ER, call sharing, consultants)
  • Reduce or eliminate chart pulls for refill requests and questions
  • Lighten the load and expense of your fax machine by sending and receiving prescriptions online
  • Reduce phone calls and faxes (clean scripts)
  • Identify potential drug interactions (drug, food, allergy)
  • In the Northwest alone, 95% of all SureScripts electronic transactions and 97.5% of all RxHub transactions come through NetPracticeERX
  • Join the ranks of the safest physicians: three of our physicians were the only winners of the exclusive Washington state SafeRx awards

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