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Medicare Deductibles for 2016

Medicare Part B deductible increases to $166.00 for 2016!%40%40%3F_afrLoop%3D120844947917000%26contentId%3D00085779%26_adf.ctrl-state%3D176dn3ulot_42  

Neurology Society Conference February 28th-March 2nd Austin TX

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New HIPAA/HITECH Rules Implementation Roadmap: Countdown Begins to September 23, 2013 Compliance Deadline

Key Dates: March 26, 2013:  The Rules became effective. September 23, 2013:  Covered entities must comply with most of the new Rules’ provisions. September 25, 2013:  Disclosures of PHI become subject to the new restrictions on sale of PHI. September 22, 2014:  Covered entities must bring all of their Business Associate Agreements (“BAAs”) into compliance […]

Attention all providers who receive Medicare Part B Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) payments!

Starting in 2015, eligible professionals and group practices who do not report data on Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) quality measures for covered professional services during the 2013 program year will be subject to payment adjustment beginning in 2015. Eligible professionals and group practices receiving this PQRS payment adjustment in 2015 will be paid 1.5% less […]

Congress passes payroll tax cut deal

The latest news regarding Medicare and payroll tax cuts just in, report by CNN.