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SMB can increase your profit and decrease your losses, provide solutions that will promote efficiencies within your company and improve patient care!

Expert Medical Billing

We are specialists and in today's medical billing industry it requires a specialized skill to be successful and compliant.
  • All claims are submitted electronically within 24 hours
  • 80% of billing is collected within 14 days
  • Claims denied are promptly appealed
  • 24 hr access from home, remote office or hospital via the Internet
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Electronic Health Records

NetPractice EHRweb is a complete, web-based patient management tool used by physician practices and hospitals to manage patient care both inside and outside their facilities.
  • Provider-to-Provider communications
  • Online patient records
  • Single-click medications management
  • Create chart note using templates, voice recognition and or macros

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We Want Your Business

We know how expensive it is to get your practice up and running, let us take some of the burden off of you by handling your medical billing needs.

All At A Low Cost

  • Practice Management Software
  • ScanSharp Scanner
  • Consultation
  • Licensing Fee
  • Unlimited Training and Customer Support
  • Toll Free Number

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